Maximize Digital Marketing Through Instagram Followers

It may seem like one of the easiest applications to use but many people are still finding it hard to get likes for their photos and increasing their Instagram followers. Making it hard for them to make the most of social media marketing through Instagram.

Even though all you have to do to get more Instagram followers is to take a great photo that people will like. Getting Instagram followers is harder then it seems. Try these tricks below when using Instagram so you can get more likes for your photos and Instagram followers for your profile.

The Rule Of 3 Thirds

A common practice in photography is the rule of 3 thirds. This is where you divide the image with two horizontal and two vertical lines.

Where the lines intersect is usually a good place to make the focus of your photos. Even though Instagram works with square photos this technique still works.

Use The Right Hashtag

Using the right hashtag isn’t just about using as many as possible or using a popular one. Your photos may get lost in the trending hashtags as millions of people will be uploading and using that one.

If you use random hashtags viewers get annoyed because they can’t find what they are looking for. Using the right hashtag is about coming up with something different and new to describe your image. Take it as a challenge as you can usually find some people who share the same passion and have thought about the same hashtag.

Keep Your Posts Frequent

People are busy and usually doing a million things at once. To keep you and your business on their minds you should keep your posts regular. At the bare minimum, you should post once a day as a reminder you are still around.

Don’t make your posts all about you either as your followers will get bored and unsubscribe from you. Keep your Instagram followers in mind when you are posting. What would they like to see and when are they most likely to view it.

Don’t Forget Instagram Video

Most people still use Instagram primarily for photos but now it has an awesome video feature that you can use to further promote yourself. This feature is very versatile as you can edit it and choose a featured image. Remember to choose an appropriate feature image for each video as it has a direct impact on how much it will be played.

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

After having your Instagram account for a while you may get nervous about your Instagram followers not growing. Many people then decide to buy Instagram followers for their profiles.

This, however, defeats the purpose of marketing on social media. The Instagram followers you are buying are usually from unmonitored accounts and will be deleted over time.

The fact that they are unmonitored also means that you are not expanding your network and reach. Which is the whole purpose of marketing on social media?

Try these suggestions above to maximize your Instagram likes and get more followers for your profile.

The more Instagram followers you have the more you maximize your marketing efforts.