Flash a Custom ROM with Mobile Odin Pro Without Tripping Knox

Odin is a piece of software that was leaked a few years ago. Today it is still widely used by phone developers and hobbyists to install the firmware on their Samsung devices. Samsung uses Odin or has used Odin in the past to install firmware onto their devices.

Mobile Odin Pro allows you to do this without a computer. Odin has many uses but it’s mainly used for ‘ROOTING’ and ‘FLASHING’ or installing software to a Samsung device.

What is Knox? Knox is a built-in “flash counter” that lets Samsung know if a device has been tampered with and voids the warranty.

1) First things first, before you do anything you will need to ROOT your device first, then you will need to grab a copy of the latest version of Mobile Odin Pro which you can download HERE.  

2) Now you have the latest version of Mobile Odin Pro installed we can start the process. We need to download the corresponding stock firmware first and flash it before we can flash a custom ROM. Download it from Sammobile (make sure you choose the right one for your country and not mix CSC), and download it to your sd card, ignore the warning saying ‘MOP will trip Knox’ and move on to step 3.

3) Start Mobile Odin Pro and go to ‘Open file’ and select the stock firmware you downloaded to your memory card, then make sure the following are selected – ‘Enable EverRoot’, ‘Inject Superuser’, ‘inject mobile ODIN and ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ and hit the ‘Flash firmware’ to start the process. You may have to reboot your device after to make the changes.

4) When you have completed step 3 above, download your custom ROM and save to it to your sd card and start Mobile Odin Pro again.

This time we are going to select ‘OTA / Update ZIP’ and find the custom ROM you have installed and select it.

Now we want to uncheck ‘Enable EverRoot’ and ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ then hit ‘Flash firmware’. The set up should look like the image below:
Odin Pro Mobile

Now you might be taken to the ROMs installation menu, make sure you choose to choose not to install any recovery, and don’t install any custom kernel either.

And that’s it!