Welcome to Bonativo

Bonativo Johnson is a 21-year tech blogger from London, England. The owner of Bonativo, who loves to write technology, SEO, social networking, and programming language related posts.

About Bonativo Technologies

Bonativo Technologies was founded by Bonativo Johnson, a young and dynamic entrepreneur from London. In just a few years of its inception in 2001, Bonativo Technologies has seen tremendous growth and has now attained the numero uno position in Computer services London.

Bonativo Technologies is prepared to service all of your computing needs. Whether it be PC, Macintosh, Networking or peripherals, Bonativo Technologies Repair has specialized technicians who are eager to help.

Bonativo Technologies has 15 technicians, with over 7 years of combined experience in the computer industry.

They have all passed the computer industry’s A+ certification examination, which has qualified our company to be an A+ Authorized Service Center.

Our techs hold over 500 certifications from over 20 manufacturers. Through our continuing education program, they earn certifications each year on new products as they are introduced.